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About the Universe

Empowering Life Through Love

We believe in empowering each individual.

  • We believe that you are your best teacher.
  • We believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves. The answers we seek can be found within us by connecting to Source.
  • We believe that as teachers we can only share our own insights and offer suggestions to help guide others on their personal path to spiritual enlightenment. It is up to each person to discern and to decide if, when and how they raise their own consciousness. We strive to empower each person on their own path.
  • We believe that the “guru model” which creates dependency on a teacher to achieve spiritual awareness is no longer needed to serve humanity. Now is the time for each individual to learn how to tap into their own inner wisdom, embrace their Creative Power and accept full responsibility for their Life.
  • We believe that there many qualified teachers who offer many different ways to help each person to connect to their own Source of wisdom.
  • We believe that all paths will ultimately lead to Source.
  • We believe in honoring and respecting the path each person chooses to follow regardless how short, long or arduous it might be.
  • We believe that pain and suffering are signs of resistance on one’s path that can be released through new awareness’s.
  • We believe each person should choose the teacher, program, etc. that best resonates with their energy. Since we are committed to raising human consciousness, we believe in sharing information on other teachers with alternative methods so that people can find the best method or teacher that is in energetic alignment with their unique selves. (Please visit our Reference Section.)

Empower your LIFE through the energy of LOVE

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