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Empowering Life Through Love

Great things our friends and clients have said about us!

Helps Me See the Big Picture of My Journey

Each time I am with Lucy and Michael, the messages I receive are perfectly relevant to the experience I’ve been having, and it helps me see the big picture of my journey. There is a wonderful safety and unconditionality in their work, and a full appreciation of all who gather to share the messages. If you are wanting to learn about big cosmic truths, why you are here and what to do about it, and how to love yourself even more deeply, this will resonate. Enjoy!
Amy A.,
Grayslake, IL

Best teachers anyone could hope to work with

“I have had the great privilege of hosting many of the programs offered by Michael and Lucy over the past 8 years.  As emissaries of Light and Love, their classes are filled with information and insights that make it easier to understand the concepts of spirituality and enlightened consciousness using their highly experiential formats. The effect on their students is profound, often opening gateways to deep healing, greater awarenesses and peace.  They are the best teachers anyone could hope to work with.”

Sheri Bauer, Owner,
Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts • Elm Grove, WI

Helped Me to Shift to New Perspectives

I have been attending circles with Lucy and Michael for a couple of years now.  The circle they create is a safe and sacred space where, as Jean Shinoda Bolen states in her book The Millionth Circle, “its members are witnesses, role models and soul connections for each other.  Providers of intangible spiritual and psychological support, validators of reality and possibility.  Mutual aid and learning societies. Agents of change.”   This is exactly what transpires in their circles. One of the most valuable benefits I personally have taken from Michael and Lucy’s teachings is that they have helped me to shift to new perspectives, which ultimately bring me greater peace and a calmness to my life.
Susan H.,
Gurnee, IL

I Grow Into a Higher Vibration

I have known Lucy for several years and appreciate her extensive knowledge and her passion for sharing that knowledge.  I love Lucy’s healing treatments but healing is not the correct word for me.  It is more of a growing treatment.  I feel I grow into a higher vibration physically, spiritually, and mentally during the session; so much so that I don’t want to come back to reality when “time is up.”  It is a peace that I don’t feel anywhere else.

Lucy’s workshops are so informative that I can’t possibly take notes on all of the facts she shares in her passionate way.  You can tell that she certainly loves what she is doing.  I know that I am a better person for knowing Lucy and feel a strong spiritual connection to her.  I may not “know” the information like Lucy does, but what she says resonates strongly with me and gives me a much broader sense of the wonderful world we live in.

Joannie B.,
Waucanda, IL

Heal On All Levels

Lucy Lucia is a very wise, gifted and compassionate spiritual healer. Her in-depth knowledge of sacred geometry and multi-dimensional healing modalities enables Lucy to transcend time and space and heal on all levels of one’s being and timeline. Her loving touch feels like a warm  embrace which allows one to realize the Divine Essence of who they truly are while gently releasing all that no longer serves them.
Sharon D.,
South Haven, MI

Forever Changed My Life

Our session forever changed my life.  That session for me was priceless in that it answered so many of my questions. You have a divine connection to all that is that transcends words. In your sessions, the love and knowledge that you have is ever-present and so nurturing, the depths of which defies description.  Every day now is a gift as I love my body physical and gain more strength and courage to keep my heart open to life. Thank you for who you are and for sharing your gifts. My life is so much more blessed because you are in it.
Suzannah L.,
Boise, Id

Talented and Intuitive – Truly Gifted Healer

I have had many healing sessions and attended multiple workshops offered by Lucy.  She is a wonderful, enthusiastic teacher who explains her topics in an organized and understandable format.  Her guided meditations always take me to higher dimensions and provide me with such peace.  As a talented intuitive, she is truly a gifted healer.  I have experienced many breakthroughs from Lucy’s channeling and insights.
Christina M.,
Ingleside, IL

My Spirit Is Renewed

Over the last ten years, Lucy’s wise counsel, gifted hand, healing artistry, and gentle spirit have been a Blessing to me many times over.  When I say, “Work your magic, Lucy!” I know that amazing things are about to happen and a “tune-up” of the highest order is about to begin.  After a session with Lucy, I feel as if I have been plugged into the The Universe.  There is no doubt in my mind that I have been wrapped in a blanket of Peace & Love.  The feelings of calmness and serenity stay with me for several days.  My spirit is renewed and I am completely recharged.  Thank you, Lucy, for sharing your gift with us all.
Betty from Chicago, IL