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One On One

Personal Spiritual Coaching

Continuing with my work over the last 23 years serving hundreds of clients across the U.S., Canada and Europe, I am delighted to offer remote or in-person One-on-One sessions for individuals who desire to:

  • Grow deeper in personal awareness
  • Expand connection to Higher Self and Source
  • Gain clarity on situations and appropriate next steps
  • Gain hope when feeling lost or disempowered
  • Understand and heal the root causes of their dis-ease
  • Identify and overcome beliefs and judgements which limit their creations
  • Release energies which no longer serve
  • Recalibrate their energy field
  • Overcome resistance by learning the Art of Allowing
  • Shift perspectives to nurture a more joyful life
  • Feel better – physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Gain wisdom through new spiritual awareness

We achieve your goals together, in a co-creative process that is unique each time we meet, because it it Divinely Guided, Sourced from the energy of Love. I work with your spiritual guides, and mine, to access information useful for your empowerment. I believe Source always desires to deliver what you are asking for, and it can do so in a surprising variety of ways which best serve your needs. Therefore, your session may include one or more of the following:

  • Spiritual Coaching: an intuitive process of dialogue to explore deeper issues and root causes of dis-ease in your life.  It is our co-creative process conducted in a safe environment of unconditional love to help you identify the sub-conscious (hidden) and conscious beliefs, emotions and thought patterns that may be influencing your creations in ways you never intended; We discuss tools and techniques which will help you achieve the goals you desire.  The ultimate mission is to help you remember and gain access to your own inner Soul-Guidance so you can become your own master healer.
  • Guided Visualization and Meditation: the process I use to fully anchor the awarenesses and insights gained from coaching; the customized process I use to teach clients how to connect to their Source.
  • Channeling: I communicate with Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and non-physical spiritual guides. Occasionally a departed loved one or soul may show up to support our process. All messages are shared with you.
  • MDEH: Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing is the Love-Centered subtle energy modality I have developed and continue to evolve over time, which incorporates the best of all the alternative systems I have studied so far.  It is a powerfully effective, yet gentle system which will “reset” the human energy field, and effortlessly clear it from what no longer serves – at a conscious or unconscious level.  As the energy field is cleared, balanced and restored, what remains is a purer essence of the Love energy we are.  Free from who/what we are not, we can BE more authentically who we are (Love), to magnetize our true and deepest desires from the powerful energy of Love.
    MDEH incorporates healing techniques from Indian, Native American, Japanese, Chinese and Egyptian traditions and from the esoteric contributions of Sacred Geometry and Quantum Science. Each session includes: Reiki; Chakra, crystal and sound vibrational balancing and restoration; the installation of light, color and sound templates; the balancing of earth, water, fire, air and ether elements; the recalibration of energy meridians; an energetic chiropractic alignment, a realignment of the physical and energy bodies; and the infusion of Adamantine (light) particles and healing codes.  I work through a multi-dimensional matrix of the sub-atomic, physical and energetic layers of your anatomy through at least 12 dimensions, constantly releasing what no longer serves, while filling your field with Love.  My intention is that this balancing aligns your energy field “in all life-times, through all dimensions of time and space, and all levels of consciousness”, in a place of Unity Consciousness, (where there is no time). When in person, this work is done while you lie face up fully clothed on a massage table. Remotely, we schedule a time when you are able to lie down undisturbed and allow the energy to flow through you.

After the sessions, many people report that a profound calm and clarity (and sometimes even joy) has enveloped them for days. Our goal (yours and mine), is to make that your constant state of being.

  • One hour session $85
  • 90 minute session $130
  • Two hour session $170

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