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About Teaching

Empowering Life Through Love

  • We believe in empowering each individual.
  • We teach that Sourceful Living is about living your Life while maintaining a deep connection to Source, the Energy of Love from Creator God.
  • We believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves through the Energy of Love, what many refer to as Chi, Prana or Life Force.
  • We believe that as teachers we can only share our own insights and offer suggestions to help guide others on their personal path to find more peace, happiness, and joy in their everyday lives. It is up to each person to discern and to decide if, when, and how they raise their own consciousness.
  • We believe that while the “guru model” of teaching may be helpful to some people at specific times in their lives, it can also shepherd students to become dependent upon their teacher for creating their spiritual experiences which can eventually hamper their own development.
  • We believe and teach that personal empowerment where each individual learns how to tap into their own inner wisdom, embrace their Creative Power and accept full responsibility for their Life.

  • We believe that all true spiritual paths and teachings are about Love and will ultimately lead to communion with Divine Source, Creator God.
  • Religions teach their followers to ‘worship’ God and other spiritual masters. We instead choose to help people ‘embody’ true spiritual teachings and incorporate them into their daily lives by living from a place of Love.
  • Since we are committed to raising human consciousness, we believe in sharing information about other instructors and authors who offer a variety of new thoughts and different approaches so that people can find the best spiritual practice or teacher for their unique selves. (Please visit our Reference Section.)
  • We believe that you are your most important teacher, and must decide what teachings best resonate with you based on your current level of consciousness and Life experiences.
  • We believe that one of the fastest ways to create, lasting, positive change in our world is to teach our children about their true Divine spiritual nature and creative powers.

Empower your LIFE through the energy of LOVE

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