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About Us

Empowering Life Through Love

  • We believe that we are all spiritual beings, Emissaries of Light of Creator God, creating our own unique human experiences.We call this experience our reality; or our Life.
  • We believe that our reality of the external world is a reflection of our internal state of Being.
  • We, as fractals or “children” of God, are eternal spiritual Beings, who freely choose to incarnate into a temporary physical form where we can never be harmed or damaged.  We never do die, but simply change form, from one lifetime to another, as emissaries of God.
  • It is our level of consciousness or awareness which determines how we experience Love, Life, each other, and understand God.
  • We believe that our internal state of being is malleable, therefore, so is our reality. We believe that in the ultimate reality there are no mistakes, only experiences that offer us opportunities to heal, to find joy, or for spiritual growth through new awareness if we are open to receiving them.
  • We believe that most of us live our lives guided by our fear-based, egoic, body-mind that believes in separation and superiority.Learning to quiet our egoic, body-mind so we can hear our own Soul is an important part of spiritual awakening.
  • We believe that fear, as we understand it, is at the opposite end of the energy/emotional spectrum from Love, but in the ultimate truth, there is only Love.
  • We believe it is spiritually arrogant to think of ourselves as being better or superior because we believe we hold a “higher” level of consciousness.Increased consciousness or spiritual awareness leads to greater humility, empathy, compassion, patience, tolerance, and love of others.
  • We humbly believe that only by the grace of God, through the flow of God’s loving energy, that we are able to exist and experience Life in physical (incarnate) form.
  • We believe that everything we think, do and say is part of the divine creative process of Life that is always in motion, ever-changing.
  • We believe that the lack of human Self-Love on planet earth is epidemic, and negative judgments about ourselves directly sabotage our ability to create joyful lives. This lack of Self-Love and the abundance of Self-Judgment can prevent us from seeing the solutions we are looking for.

  • We believe that there are no accidents or coincidences and that everything that occurs in our lives is for a reason. Learning to allow and understand the reasons why it has happened are aspects of the healing process.
  • We believe that we are all perfect with our imperfections and loved unconditionally by God just as we are. We believe that we are Divine Souls, the holographic fractals from the body of Creator God; and therefore, we are all worthy of Love, regardless of our past mistakes.
  • We believe that everyone has the ability to connect to their own Soul and to live in alignment with their authentic Soul Self in communion with God and everyone and everything. This is Sourceful Living – living in Unity Consciousness as a Christed or Enlightened Being.
  • We believe in miracles… need evidence?… just look in the mirror.

Empower your LIFE through the energy of LOVE

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