Our Tenants

In the spirit of transparency, our tenants are a synopsis of what we currently believe to be true, including the belief that nothing we believe, share or do is ever static. Our lives are ‘works in progress’ where we continue to create, therefore evolve, as Creator Beings who are never done creating because Life Never Ends. The following sections highlight our current understandings on different topics and will hopefully give you a better sense of who we are at Sourceful Living (read quickly because it may change)…

About God

YES we believe in God! God may be called by many different names – Prime Creator, Universal Mind, Source, All That IS, Father/Mother God, First Cause, etc. but we believe the essence of God is unconditional, infinite and eternal Love.  Read more

About Us

We believe that we are all spiritual beings, Emissaries of Light of Creator God, creating our own unique human experience. We call this experience our reality or our Life.  Read more

About Teaching

We believe in empowering each individual. We believe that you are your best teacher.
We believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves. The answers we seek can be found within us by connecting to Source.  Read more

About Life

We believe that Life in physical 3D form is a wonderful gift, a virtual reality game of real, holographic life experiences with an objective to see how much light and love we can embody in physical form.  Read more

About Humanity

We believe that humanity and planet earth are only at the beginning stages of creating lasting peace, love and joy that is available to everyone.  Read more

About the Universe

We believe it is a miracle that you’re still reading this.
We believe quantum science tells us that what we experience as solid matter in our physical reality or universe is really nothing more than 99%+ space; that energy and matter are one in the same.  Read more