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About Our Planet, Mother Earth

Empowering Life Through Love

  • We believe our planet, which we fondly refer to as Mother Earth, is a living, highly evolved Being that has a very special relationship with humanity.

  • We hold deep Love for Mother Earth and are forever grateful for the amount of inspiration, joy, and healing she has given and continues to give us each and every day.




  • We believe that most of Humanity has lost its connection with nature which is leading to the destruction of our planet.Humanity must lovingly reconnect and learn how to live in harmony with Mother Earth if it is to survive in physical form.
  • Humanity is just beginning to understand that it has abused the physical limits of Mother Earth and her ability to regenerate herself.Being able to regenerate and sustain ecological systems is essential to supporting all of Life on the planet.
  • We believe it is tragically humorous that while humanity aspires to travel in space, our precious planet, Earth, at this very moment, is spinning and traveling through space at enormous speeds around the galaxy.  It is an incredibly beautiful, but fragile island of diverse Life in otherwise dark space.


  • We believe that people, through the collective power of their intention, can and must work together to uplift humanity and heal Mother Earth.
  • We believe that the highly debated process of evolution on Earth is simply the self-adapting, self-sustaining, continuous process of Creation as intelligently designed by the Creator.
  • Nature represents the most advanced technology of immense complexity that simply and eloquently sustains billions of evolving Life forms on our planet.As God’s Creation, Mother Earth deserves our utmost respect and gratitude.

Empower your LIFE through the energy of LOVE

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