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About the Universe

Empowering Life Through Love

  • We believe quantum science tells us that what we experience as solid matter in our physical reality or universe is really nothing more than 99%+ space; that it is vibrating energy. Energy and matter are one in the same.  Everything is Energy!
  • We believe our physical Universe as we understand it through science is only a tiny fraction of the multi-dimensions or universes which make up Creation.
  • We believe that humans have overemphasized the visible world as defined through Newtonian physics and is only now beginning to understand the true significance of the non-visible world as understood through quantum science, brain research, meta-physics, spirituality and higher consciousness.
  • We believe that other worlds and dimensions that are beyond the detection of our physical senses and our current scientific capabilities, do exist. (They currently are only scientific theories.)
  • Based on our current understandings of space-time and the multi-dimensionality of Creation, we believe that we are multi-dimensional Beings.
  • We believe that our physical universe has its own energetic range of vibrational frequencies and different universes or dimensions exist in different ranges of energy vibrations, yet are interrelated.
  • We believe that different laws of physics correlate and apply to different dimensions and levels of consciousness.
  • We believe that there are other Life forms throughout our physical galaxy and Universe.
  • We believe that everything in the Universe is vibrational energy, and is therefore made up of the same stuff simply in different combinations and forms. We believe that everything that exists is part of consciousness, or the Mind of God.
  • We believe it is a Universal Law that similar vibrational energy patterns are attracted to each other (Law of Attraction).
  • We believe that pure, unconditional LOVE and coherent LIGHT is the most refined form of Energy, of the highest vibrational frequency, and are the essence and Energy of God.

Empower your Life through the energy of Love

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