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About Life

Empowering Life Through Love

  • We believe that Life in physical form is a wonderful gift, a holographic, virtual reality game of Life for the Soul to experience.  Our physical bodies are the incredibly complex, sensory bio-vessels that we create when we incarnate into a human body.
  • We believe the sacred mission of Life is to extend and express as much Love and Light as possible while in the physical body and to create joy-filled experiences from this Divine awareness.Humanity’s collective mission is to Create “Heaven on Earth” together in this physical dimension of reality.
  • We believe that Life does not have to be about forcing to “make things happen”, but rather about learning to allow Creation to flow through us.
  • We believe that all disease begins with misaligned thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are not in harmony with the vibrational energy of Love.
  • We believe that our physical bodies, like Mother Earth, are designed to operate indefinitely.The combination of disharmonious thoughts, destructive emotional energies, physical abuse, harmful foods, environmental toxins, etc. have greatly shortened human life spans.  They have also harmed Mother Earth
  • We agree with the Course in Miracles that all attacks are a call for Love.
  • We believe that no one ever really dies, that birth and death are only transitions to and from the physical body in this dimension of the Universe.

  • We believe that the Soul has the ability and free will to decide if and when to reincarnate into a human body.
  • We believe in Life, the Before Life and in the After Life. The Soul has the sovereign power of free will to choose when to experience each.
  • We believe that everyone has the ability to communicate with other consciousness’s, including beings not in physical form, that exist in other dimensions with different energy vibrations.
  • We believe each of us has spiritual guides and angels who support us in this physical dimension.
  • Based on our understandings of space-time and the multi-dimensionality of Creation, we believe we are multidimensional beings.


Empower your LIFE through the energy of LOVE

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