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About God

Empowering Life Through Love

  • YES we believe in a loving, creative, universal energy that many think of as “God.”  God may be called by many different names – Creator, Source, Universal Mind, All-That-Is, Father/Mother God, First Cause, The Divine, Great Spirit, Father/Abba, Supreme Being, Unity Consciousness, the Force, Prime Creator, Braham, Buddha, Khrisna, Allah, Yahweh, the Alpha & Omega, Singularity, Pure Being-ness, etc.
  • We believe the essence of God is unconditional, infinite and eternal Love, and we enjoy a loving relationship with Source Creator. God is LOVE!
  • We believe that from our current, limited perspectives, we cannot fathom or imagine what unconditional, infinite and eternal truly means, and therefore, fully understand the mystery of God.
  • We believe that the Love of the Creator is the Light or Source, creative energy of the Universe.
  • We believe that God is both the Creator and the Creative Process of Life.
  • We believe you do not need to believe in God to be a loving person, but you do need to believe in Life and the power of Love.
  • We believe that everything (and we literally mean everything) in the Universe has a consciousness and this consciousness connects all things that make up the body of Source Creator and the divine process of Creation.
  • We believe that we are not separate from God.  God is part of everything.  There is no separation between the Creator and Creation.  Nothing exists outside the body of God.
  • God is with us always in all ways.  We believe that we are never alone. It is our forgetfulness of this, reinforced through false teachings, which leads to our anguish and suffering as well as our misplaced anger towards God.
  • We believe that God through our own Soul has never stopped talking to us. We have simply forgotten how to listen.We believe that God as Source Creator is neither masculine or feminine as projected by those trying to create God in their own limited, human image. We believe God consists of both divine masculine and divine feminine energies existing in perfect harmony and so much more.
  • We believe that Prime Creator in His/Her infinite wisdom has an incredible sense of humor, and that we take ourselves far too seriously…en-LIGHTEN-UP!

Empower your LIFE through the energy of LOVE

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