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. . .Empowering Life Through Love . . .

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Imagine your life Where you Awake Each Morning with the Excitement of creating New and Wonderful Experiences.

Everything we offer, from our programs to our private sessions, revolves around the central theme of empowering your LIFE through the energy of LOVE.

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Sourceful Thoughts

Take a moment… take a breath….
read some of the quotes we rely on for our day to day lives.

I tell you this - putting yourself first in the HIGHEST sense never leads to an unGodly Act.
Neale Donald Walsch, Conversation with God Bk. 1
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Loving yourself is the foundation for finding inner peace, happiness and the ability to love others.
Johnathan Robinson, founder of Finding
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Self-LOVE is a heart centered, SOURCE-filled LOVE that cultivates compassion, forgiveness and expands understanding.
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SOURCEFUL LIVING is living a LIFE in a state of LOVE, connected to your own SOUL.
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The gifts of forgiveness are always for both the giver and the receiver.
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Releasing fear always leads to LOVE.
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LOVE is the Divine Force that Powers the Universe.
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Truly healing yourself begins with the power of your own thoughts.
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All true spiritual teachings empower others to use the Power of LOVE to become master creators of their own lives.
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