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Overcoming the Energies of Fear

Empowering Life Through Love

Humanity has entered an unprecedented period of rapid, but needed change which can be very scary at times.  It is almost impossible not to feel anxious about something in our lives.  In addition to constant change, family and personal crises, we are bombarded with news of natural disasters, war, domestic and foreign terrorism, pandemics, mass shootings, fiscal problems, environmental challenges, etc. which impact our lives in a myriad of ways.  These events can make us feel overwhelmed, powerless, and fearful, leading to exhaustion and depression while we will ourselves forward each day, one step at a time.

In this class, we will explain how all of this is related to the energy of fear, the loss of our connection to Source, and the absence of the soothing energy of Love.  We approach the subject of fear from the “inside-out” and redefine it to learn how to recognize the energies of fear in all of its subtle and not-so-subtle forms.  We examine the many faces of fear such as anger, despair, depression, jealousy, abnormal grief, etc., and learn what actions we can take to overcome them.

This class will help you develop a higher perspective on your life and the world around you.  It includes self-reflective exercises, processes, tools and practices to assist you in learning how to use the energy of Love to overcome your feelings of fear, anxiety and stress.

The program concludes with a guided LOVE meditation to integrate new awarenesses and help you release your fears.

Topics Covered Include Some or All of the following:

  • What is Fear?
  • Our Culture of Fear
  • Manipulation Through Fear
  • Deeply Embedded and Inherited Fears
  • Emotional Numbness
  • How We Process Fear
  • What Fear Does to Our Body
  • Real and Imagined Fears
  • The Role of Our Body’s Egoic Mind
  • Investigating Our Personal Fears
  • Understanding Emotions and Feelings
  • Calming and Clearing Energy Techniques
  • Rescripting and Releasing Fears Through a Love-based Approach
  • The Importance of Allowing
  • Learning to Stay Present

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Empower your Life through the energy of Love

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