Pure Joy

The Miraculous Power of Self-Love

Experiencing The Power of Self-Love is our keystone program. We explain the essential nature of Self-Love and its pivotal role in creating a joy filled, happy life. This program takes our understanding of Self-Love to a whole new level so that we can recognize our own divinity through our connection to Source Energy.  Self-Love is powerful in that it is the most efficient way to deal with issues we face as human beings and as a collective humanity. We cannot truly Love others until we Love ourselves which is the key for bringing Love into the world. Participants will learn how LOVE-OF-SELF dramatically shifts our perspectives, freeing us to discern divine truths and create a whole new landscape for joful living from Unity Consciousness. In addition to informative presentations, we use exercises and/or meditations for experiential learning.
Topics to be explored depending upon program length include:

  • Why Self-Love is So Important
  • How Self-Love Will Change Your Life
  • How Changing Your Life Will Change the World
  • What is Unconditional Love of Self
  • How Self-Love Opens Your Connection to Source, Creator God
  • What is Joy and Abundance
  • The Biology of Love
  • The Healing Energy of Love
  • The Vibration of Thoughts, Beliefs and Assumptions
  • The Importance of Forgiveness and Releasing Judgments
  • The Physics of Higher Consciousness
  • Who Are We Really?
  • Finding Your Authentic Self
  • Re-scripting Your Story with Higher Truths
  • The Art of Allowing and Accepting What Is
  • Establishing Your New Reference Points of Love
  • Embracing Your Abundance
  • Your Reality is Your Responsibility
  • The New Measure of Success
  • Anchoring New Awarenesses and Connecting to Source
  • Living from Unity Consciousness with Love, Joy and Gratitude

We are willing to work with local hosts to design any program around these themes to better suite your group’s unique needs and desires. Please feel free to contact us. We also offer 60 to 90 minute introductory presentations on each program.