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The Miraculous Power of Self-Love

Empowering Life Through Love

The Miraculous Power of Self-Love is one of our key programs.  We explain the nature of Self-Love and its essential role in creating a joy-filled, happy life. This program takes the understanding of Self-Love to a whole new level so that we can recognize our own divinity through our personal connection to Source.

Self-Love is powerful in that it is the most efficient way to deal with issues we face as human beings and as a collective humanity.  Following the Golden Rule to “love each other” is not possible without Self-Love.  We cannot truly Love others until we Love ourselves which is essential for bringing peace to our world.  Participants will learn how LOVE-OF-SELF dramatically shifts our perspectives, freeing us to discern divine truths and create a whole new landscape for living.

Many hardworking, good-hearted, and well-intentioned people drive themselves into a state of exhaustion believing that through self-sacrifice they will find redemption and happiness.  Caregivers often overlook the importance of Self-Love for renewal and rejuvenation.  It has been said many times and in many ways that “You cannot give away what you do not have”.  Self-Love fills you up with Love so that you have more to share with the world.

In addition to informative presentations, we use exercises and/or meditations for experiential learning.Topics to be explored depending upon program length include:

  • What is Love and why Self-Love is So Important
  • The Difference Between Selfishness and Self-Love.
  • How Self-Love Will Change Your Life
  • What is Unconditional Love of Self
  • The Difference Between Your Little self and your Higher SELF
  • How Self-Love Opens Your Connection to Source Creator
  • What The Healing Energy of Self-Love Can Do For You
  • The Importance of Self-Forgiveness and Releasing Self-Judgments Through Self-Love
  • Freeing Yourself Through Self-Love
  • Re-scripting Your Story with Higher Truths
  • The Art of Allowing and Accepting What Is and What Has Happened
  • Embracing Your Abundance Through Self-Love

Empower your Life through the energy of Love

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