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Cosmology and Life – A Grander Perspective

Empowering Life Through Love

Have you noticed that, for a while now, it seems like “we’re not in Kansas anymore”?

Have you wondered why such intense events are now playing out in the world, in the U.S., in YOUR life?  Why does so much appear to be falling apart?  Why is there so much chaos, violence and fear?  Are you still waiting for things to get back to “normal”?

What if the answer to all those questions was an inherently inspirational one?  Would it help shift your perspective?  Your ability to cope?  Reduce your suffering?  Would it shift your reality?  We believe so.

It helps to know we are currently experiencing a spiritual process often referred to as “the Shift in Consciousness” or “the Ascension Process”, and when viewed from a Cosmological and Spiritual perspective, IT ALL MAKES SENSE.  Understanding the “what” and “why” of it helps to relieve our anxieties and renew our faith and trust, in ourselves, in others, and in the grander plan.

In this class, we will explore a higher, more optimistic perspective of our Universe and our role in it.  You will gain a deeper understanding of the Cosmology of Love behind current events and how you can better embrace the energies to navigate your life.

We close with a beautiful guided meditation to anchor new awarenesses, instill hope and to begin to regain our balance and personal power as creators of our lives.

Some of the topics that may be covered include:

  • The Really ‘BIG’ Picture of the Universe
  • The Composition of Our Physical Universe
  • Matter – It’s a Matter of Perspective
  • What is Source, Energy, Light, Love, God?
  • Our Connection to Earth
  • Metaphysical Cosmology
  • Understanding Why We’re Here
  • The Ascension Process
  • Ascension Symptoms
  • Thoughts are Electric, Emotions are Magnetic
  • Aligning with Cosmic Energies
  • What is the Multi-Verse and Multi-Dimensionality?
  • The Global Clearing Process
  • Navigating the Chaos
  • What Is Consciousness?
  • Why Meditate?
  • Oneness and Unity Consciousness
  • Evolving From 3D to 5th Dimension
  • Living in Higher Consciousness



Empower your Life through the energy of Love

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