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The Healing Bio-Chemistry of Love

Empowering Life Through Love

This is a program on how the flow of energy influences the well-being of the physical body.  It offers a unified, comprehensive approach for achieving wellness which engages the mind, body and spirit.  This program is for those individuals who want to do more for their health in addition to what is offered through the conventional medical approach to treating disease.

It is specifically geared to empowering those who are facing health challenges and for their caregivers.  Referencing current science, we discuss how energetic disharmony is created in the body when the flow of energy is restricted, and ways to release it.  This disharmony can be experienced as emotional tension, stress or uneasiness.

Thoughts, emotions and beliefs all carry a signature energy vibration.  Unconditional Love is of the highest, healing vibration.  Denser fear based emotional energies and feelings such as guilt, shame, anger, hate, resentment, regret, unworthiness, despair, grief, depression, etc. create disharmony in a person’s energy field.  When these energies become trapped in the body, they restrict the flow of love and its life giving energy.  If this underlying emotional uneasiness or dis-ease is not released, it can result in accelerated aging, actual physical disease, and/or reduce the effectiveness of conventional treatments.  It is well known that stress can lead to heart disease. Can you imagine what the energies of hate or shame can do to the body?

Healing comes in many forms, but deep healing always involves attaining a state of peace through a shift in perspective.  Sometimes people may not even know that they are carrying dense energies which often become habitual behaviors or controlling subconscious thoughts.  They may have become numb from years of accepting their emotional distress or sometimes feel powerless and see no way out to change their situation.  Acknowledging and coming to peace with what is, is an essential part of healing.  It often enhances the effectiveness of conventional treatments, and it almost always improves the quality of life.

We offer a 90 minute introductory program, a half-day session, a full-day program, or a weekend retreat.  The programs are tailored to group interaction.  The half, full-day and weekend retreat programs include energetic clearing and management techniques for self-healing along with guided meditations.

Topics to be explored depending upon program length include:


  • Brief overview of the quantum concept that everything is energy
  • Overview of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies
  • Overview of the electro-magnetic nature of the human anatomy
  • Understanding the properties of an electro-magnetic system
  • Overview of the human Chakra System


  • Understanding the benefits of keeping energetic systems “clean”
  • Understanding the importance of Self-Love
  • Overview of methods to clear and clean the energy system
  • Establishing a new energetic grounding cord
  • Releasing energetic cords
  • Rejuvenating the Chakra system
  • Infusing the human body with Love
  • Setting conscious intentions


  • Preparing for medical visits, treatment and tests
  • Preparing for surgery
  • Setting the energy in spaces (bedrooms, homes, medical offices, treatment rooms, pre-surgical, and surgical recovery rooms, etc.)
  • Clearing the energy fields of caregivers, medical staff, support staff, etc.
  • Setting intentions for successful outcomes


  • Learning to quiet our minds; learning to relax
  • Learning to breathe to enhance the body, mind and spirit
  • Learning to lovingly accept “what is”;  releasing resistance
  • Learning to love ourselves; releasing judgments
  • Learning to trust ourselves; releasing fear
  • Simple daily practices to regain our balance
  • Simple daily practices to bolster immunity, release toxins, support medical treatments and healing, find peace

And For Those Who Are Ready.…


  • Understanding your full creative powers
  • Exploring the metaphysics of disease – what thoughts and beliefs help foster dis-ease
  • Exploring the metaphysics of human anatomy
  • Exploring “Body Talk”
  • Radical self-honesty: Identifying core beliefs which no longer serve
  • Re-scripting thoughts and beliefs for well-being
  • Daily practices to anchor new thoughts and beliefs


  • Understanding death as a sacred transition
  • The Five Wishes
  • Setting personal energy to support the transition process
  • Setting spatial energy to support the transition process
  • Setting collective energy (caregivers, medical staff, relatives, visitors, etc.) to support the transition process

Empower your Life through the energy of Love

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