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Enlightenment – What’s Love Got To Do With It

Empowering Life Through Love

“Enlightenment” has been the talk of the Spiritual community for ages, but are we really any closer to understanding what it is?  Are we any closer to personally achieving it?  Perhaps most people are familiar with the Buddhist and Hindu teachings of Enlightenment as a complete comprehension of Life and the Universe, which is usually accompanied by a detachment from all things impermanent.  There is a complete awareness and acceptance of everything that exists in the present moment of now.  Others have referred to this level of Enlightenment as being “Christed”.

However, in this class, we will explore an ever-evolving understanding of Enlightenment – as a state of consciousness; as the healing and creative energy of LOVE; and as a Divine Template for us to live as Spiritual Beings in a physical form to create “Heaven on Earth”, rather than trying to escape our suffering on earth by earning our way to heaven.  We believe enlightened masters like Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) incarnated on our precious Earth to teach humanity how to “Love One Another” and become “Christed” beings like himself.  Not to be worshipped as a god.

We will explain the interrelationship of the quantum field of unlimited possibility (the un-manifested) to the cosmology of our manifested Life (our creations) and explore how this process is enhanced as Conscious Creators through the Energy of Love.  We will address questions such as: Why would you strive to become enlightened?  How do you become enlightened?  How do you know you are enlightened?

We will discuss how to harness the power of Source within you to transform yourself, your life and heal the world around you.  You will begin to learn how to be “in this world, but not of it”…becoming masterful in creating YOUR life and reality from the consciousness of LOVE, thereby en-LIGHTEN-ing everyone and everything you encounter.

This is an advanced class for those that have a solid understanding of metaphysics and spirituality through personal study and experiences.  We conclude our program with a beautifully guided meditation to anchor new awarenesses gained and step into our mastery as Divine Beings.

  • Matter – It’s a Matter of Perspective
  • Esoteric Knowledge
  • Quantum vs Newtonian Physics
  • Everything is Vibrating Energy In-Form-ation
  • Enlightenment Concepts
  • Consciousness and the Scale of Love
  • Mental Discipline and the Power of Beliefs
  • Self-Love and Enlightenment
  • Role of the Human Ego
  • Humility and Spiritual Arrogance
  • The Art of Allowing
  • The Art of Surrendering
  • What is New Age Bypass?
  • Accepting Total Responsibility for All of It.
  • The Purpose of Life


Empower your Life through the energy of Love

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