Avoid Fear, Not Just the Virus

Our country, our state, our town and our lives have been drastically impacted by the global pandemic.  Most of the developed world has closed down.  This is unprecedented and it can be frightening.  Sudden, unexpected changes to our lives often are.  It is easy to feel afraid, stressed and anxious.  You are not alone if Read More

Healing The Past Is Forgiving Yourself

If you can look upon your entire past and feel uplifted, you are probably living a wonderful life.   But for most of us, looking upon our past invokes both happy and sad feelings. It seems that human nature has us programmed to focus more on those things that bother us from our past than those Read More

Please Don’t Buy Into All of the Fear

Have you noticed how many more people are becoming anxious and afraid?  After the Orlando shooting and a general rise in violence and fanaticism, millions of people are rushing to buy guns to protect themselves.  Combined with wild swings in financial markets, increased global uncertainty and a continuous string of natural disasters, it is easier Read More

Would You Help Heal Our World?

Those that have awakened to the energy of LIFE and LOVE know that everyone is interconnected.  We call this interconnection “collective consciousness”.  It is cumulative sum of all of the thoughts, emotions and feelings from the 7+ billion people who live on our planet.  Since thoughts, emotions and feelings form and direct human energy, it Read More

Did Religion Play A Role in the Orlando Massacre?

The Orlando nightclub killer’s father, a follower of the Islam religion, shared his religious belief saying that it is up to God to punish homosexuals, similar to what many conservative Christians believe.  He said he was saddened by his son’s horrific actions and did not support them because he believed it is not the job Read More

Why Is Self-Love So Important?

The first time I was asked this question, I was a little taken back.  I kept thinking about it for weeks because it is such a big question complicated by the fact that love, let alone Self-Love,  means different things to different people at different times during their lives.  So what is it that determines Read More

Forgiveness and Releasing Self Judgments

Through Self-Love, we allow our connection to Source to reveal itself to us.  This revelation can occur many different ways, but it almost always involves learning how to forgive ourselves.  For how can we truly love ourselves if we cannot forgive ourselves?  Sometimes even those of us who believe in God feel that we are not worthy Read More

Embracing Abundance

Realizing Abundance is something we teach at Sourceful Living. And like love, we cannot have what we do not believe we can have.   Abundance, like love, is all around us, we just have to realize it, then allow it in and embrace it with all of our hearts.  This awareness leads to gratitude.  As Read More