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Would You Help Heal Our World?

Those that have awakened to the energy of LIFE and LOVE know that everyone is interconnected.  We call this interconnection “collective consciousness”.  It is cumulative sum of all of the thoughts, emotions and feelings from the 7+ billion people who live on our planet.  Since thoughts, emotions and feelings form and direct human energy, it effects the energy vibration of every person and everything on earth.

At the same time, each person contributes to the energy on the planet.   Right now, our collective consciousness is filled with the energies of fear which is experienced as stress, worry, anxiety, anger, etc.   Many people are reacting unconsciously from these emotions, unaware, that they are immersed in an environment of fear.  This is resulting in escalating levels of violence around the world, which then again increases the level of fear.

Those of us that are aware of what is happening, can do something to break this downward spiral of destructive energy.   We can control our thoughts and emotions and not allow ourselves to fall into fear.  Not only will this improve the quality of our lives, but each person that supports loving and peaceful thoughts, will contribute immensely to help raise the collective consciousness on the planet.  This will have a positive impact on every individual around the world.

Loving thoughts are exponentially more powerful than fearful thoughts.  They support LIFE.  Fear diminishes and can destroy LIFE.  As explained in great detail in the writings of the late Dr. David Hawkins, one person who holds a higher vibration of LOVE can energetically counter the negative influences from the fearful energies of hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, depending upon their level of consciousness.   The more LOVE we can hold in mind, body and spirit, the greater the positive impact we will have on the world as the level of fear subsides.  In fact it is the only true or lasting solution to the violence that is occurring.

So I invite you to help your family, your community, your country and the entire world by holding thoughts of LOVE and disciplining your mind to not fall into fear, no matter what is going on around you.  Even in tragedy, you are better able to to empathize, be of assistance and send LOVE to those that are suffering.  LOVE begets LOVE.  The more LOVE you can bring into your LIFE, the more LOVE you bring to the planet to help overcome the challenges we are facing together as one humanity.  LOVE is expansive, creative, resilient and supremely intelligent.  It leads to understanding and opens avenues to new solutions.  LOVE can and will heal all things.

No one is too small, too young, too old or too powerless to help.  You can be of great service by bringing peace to where there is violence, LOVE where there is hate.  It does not matter if you are confined to a wheel chair or are an Olympic athlete.  By using the power of your mind, you can live from the energy of LOVE the help heal our world.  Remember that each of us is a very powerful, Soul-filled, spiritual being.  Together let’s combine our LOVE energy, our LIFE force, to lower the level of fear and anxiety, reduce violence and create the ‘Heaven on Earth’ that we all desire.

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