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Why Is Self-Love So Important?

The first time I was asked this question, I was a little taken back.  I kept thinking about it for weeks because it is such a big question complicated by the fact that love, let alone Self-Love,  means different things to different people at different times during their lives.  So what is it that determines who, what, when and how you love?

It is your level of consciousness.  As your consciousness uplifts, so do your beliefs and ideas about love.  At less refined levels of consciousness, the love you feel is more dependent upon what you are experiencing from your external world.  Your physical senses, emotional states, opinions, personal experiences play a large role in determining if and how you love something or someone.   Here, love is an outside-in flow process.  It is conditional love such as loving someone else because of how special they make you feel by how they treat you. And since it is conditional, it changes as the conditions change.  It comes and goes like infatuated love where you feel wonderful when you are with your lover and lonely without them.   Since deep within, you desire the greatest feeling of love imaginable, you end up craving it.  Your ego wants more and more of it, never satisfied.

It is the lack of Self-Love that creates this need for a person’s dependency upon the outside world for love.  Buddha called this ‘desire’ the source of all human suffering.  No matter how long or how hard you search, you will never find true happiness seeking love outside of yourself.

At more refined levels of consciousness, a person becomes less dependent upon the outside world for love.  Through Self- Love, love becomes an inside-out process, radiating outward from a person’s heart.   It empowers you to live freely and joyfully as the sovereign, eternal spiritual being that you are.   But loving yourself as divine Source (Creator God) loves you can be difficult for many people to accept, let alone do.  Many have been taught that loving yourself is being selfish.  Family, religious and social programming such as you are not worthy to be loved, even by the Divine, often become embedded beliefs.  You have been misguided into seeking the acceptance and approval of others as proof that you are lovable.   On this path, you have given your power away to others.

In order to know yourself as the divine Light of Source, you have to release self- judgments and the obstacles to the awareness that you are literally Love incarnate.   Self-Love teaches you to love yourself unconditionally no matter who you think you are, what you have done or how you have felt about yourself in the past.  As your self-awareness grows, you develop a discipline to choose what thoughts, words and actions support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  It is empowering as you learn to control, thereby create, your state of being.  Self-Love is an ability that you can learn.

Self-Love is a choice as well.  In fact, it is a necessary choice if you desire to raise your consciousness and experience greater joy in your life.  It is essential to the human ascension process and puts you on the fast track to enlightenment.  Why?  Because not loving yourself restricts the flow of love energy within you.  Your vibrational harmony is impeded. You want to create a life filled with love and joy but disruptive energy patters or self-sabotaging thoughts like guilt, regret, shame, anger interfere with your creation.  They are sending mixed messages (energy transmissions) into your world about your intentions.  If these thought-energies are not brought into harmonious alignment, they will most likely end up creating more mental, emotional and physical dis-ease within you.

Self-Love is important because it helps you become less judgmental and more forgiving of others.  Through Self-Love, you learn the Art of Allowing and how to accept ‘What Is’ without resistance.  To others, you may seem to possess a special ability to transcend occurrences with a calmness and grace that seems strange because it is so unusual.  It could be said that you are living in this world, but behaving as if you are not of it.

In fact quite simply, you aren’t.  You are living a different reality through a shift in consciousness.  Self-Love is powerful because it increases the flow of love energy which determines your state of being.  Consciousness could be defined as the amount of love a person is self-aware of experiencing.  You feel this energy when you allow it to flow abundantly in you, through you and around you, and you do this through Self-Love.  The more love in your energy field, the more refined is your level of consciousness.

The transformative experience of Self-Love deepens your understanding that Love is the Prime Creative Force of the Universe.  It is the Source propellant behind Everything.  Creator God is unconditional, pure and infinite love with no judgment or dependency on any aspect of creation.  The Creator is therefore in unity with, and not separate from, Creation, which includes YOU!

In the highest truth which is the simplest message, Self-Love is important because it helps us remember our connection to Source.  It teaches us that Love is all there is and that we never were and never are separated from Source Creator.  We are emissaries of God’s love, human angels with the power to create a life and world full of joy.

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Empowering Life through Love

Love, let alone Self-Love, means different things to different people at different times during their lives.