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Forgiveness and Releasing Self Judgments

Through Self-Love, we allow our connection to Source to reveal itself to us.  This revelation can occur many different ways, but it almost always involves learning how to forgive ourselves.  For how can we truly love ourselves if we cannot forgive ourselves?  Sometimes even those of us who believe in God feel that we are not worthy of God’s forgiveness.  We may be carrying guilt, have subconscious fears, shame or be holding on to hidden feelings of unworthiness from childhood that have closed pathways to our divinity.  We believe that we are unworthy, and to even think that we are worthy of God’s love is considered by some as arrogant and even sacrilegious. There are countless self-destructing thought patterns that can sabotage our deepest desires and hold us back from true happiness.

When we forgive ourselves we are freeing ourselves of self-judgments and the judgment of others, allowing ourselves access to the incredible Love and Joy that is already within us.

Personal freedom comes from allowing ‘what is’ to be ‘what is’ without judgment.  This includes ourselves for how can life energy freely flow within us if we are constantly judging ourselves?  We judge something we did as a mistake when in reality it is only an experience to grow in awareness.  When we remember a life experience as a mistake, we are holding on to it, resisting or judging what happened rather than simply allowing it.  When we release it, we free up space for new realizations and learning opportunities from which we can acquire wisdom.

Releasing Self JudgmentLearning to forgive ourselves is the key to releasing the resistance or trapped energy that can often be traced to the  originating cause of our stress and physical ailments.  Most of the time, we are not even aware that we are carrying these stored energies or emotions with us.  They could be in the form of long held beliefs which are often difficult to recognize especially if they are in our subconscious mind.

Sometimes they are taught to us by others during our impressionable childhood years either through formal education or simply through exposure in our environment.   They could be held in a variety of forms such as religious intolerance, social superiority, victim mentality, sexual judgments, cultural bigotry, persecution, racism, family behaviors, etc.

When we learn to feel, discern and understand how these energies react in our physical bodies, it becomes much easier to manage and clear them.  This is the process of increasing our awareness as spiritual beings.  We begin to become a conscious master creator of our life, rather than an unconscious human being reacting and resisting to life as it unfolds around us.

“Getting to ‘know’ who you are involves an in depth examination of your core beliefs to evaluate if they serve or do not serve your highest aspirations.” – Master Kuthumi via Lucy Lucia

If they don’t serve your aspirations, they probably are a clue why your life is not unfolding as you desire.  Releasing these beliefs does not involve blaming yourself even if you are responsible for it.  If you do not feel that you are worthy of your own forgiveness, how can you forgive others and release judgments you hold against them?   Without forgiveness of yourself and others, you cannot clear the impediments to your well-being.

For we cannot have something if we believe we are not worthy of having it.  Think about that for a moment……. Even if you have what you want, you won’t realize that you have it.   What we believe, we create and what we create we experience.  We can only experience the divine innergies of Joy, Love and Gratitude when we believe that we are worthy to do so.   The self-judgment of unworthiness and its cousins of lack, despair, regret, guilt, shame, unlovability; and their cousins of anger, hate, fear, grief, jealousy and judgment of others are not compatible with love. They originate from underlying fear.  Without clearing these forms of fear, we cannot be truly free to enjoy life and fully experience our personal connection to the divine Source Energy of Creator God and all of its life changing benefits.  Love and Self-Love are more than compatible; they are mutually required to raise consciousness. It is through the Power of Love, starting with Love-Of-Self, that we are able to accept and feel within us the unconditional love of the Creator.  At the same time as creator beings, we begin to more fully love the Creator as our divine loving Father and Mother God, all others, all creation, and create the lives of our dreams.

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