Two On One

(More Energy, More Insights)


with Marla Dee and Lucy Lucia

I am also pleased to offer a unique opportunity for you to experience a session with two intuitives, myself and my good friend and colleague Marla Dee. Marla is a gifted spiritual coach. In fact, she is my “go to” person when I feel stuck, as I am hers. While she and I were co-creating our joint healing sessions, we recognized that a powerful energetic synergy was being generated between us, guiding and allowing us to uncover the root cause of our challenges in order to let them go. We realized the inherent dynamic of “where two or more are gathered” translated into this amplified power surge to access Source. It changed our lives…and now we offer it to you.

Multi-Dimensional Soul Integration involves accessing your multiple levels of consciousness. We work with the non-physical through metaphysical layers of your sub-conscious, conscious, super-conscious and supra-conscious. These layers of consciousnesses roughly correspond to the body, mind, spirit and the Unity consciousness. Using universal principles, we access these layers with intention to release from them the energetic blockages and cellular memories which no longer serve you. These lower vibrational energies often become crystalized in the physical, mental and emotional bodies which results in dis-ease such as feelings of unworthiness, guilt, shame, anger, despair, grief and stress. We assist you in gaining deeper insights which are often difficult to identify during the more challenging times in life. We also help you recalibrate patterns of thoughts and beliefs which better support your well-being. In this process, you allow for a purer connection with your true, authentic self, which opens you to hearing your own inner guidance. Through this connection, you feel more empowered to make heart-centered decisions and create a more joyful life aligned with your deepest desires.

Typical sessions tend to run 1 1/2 hours ($296). However, we also offer a 1 hour session ($197).