Helps Me See the Big Picture of My Journey

Each time I am with Lucy and Michael, the messages I receive are perfectly relevant to the experience I’ve been having, and it helps me see the big picture of my journey. There is a wonderful safety and unconditionality in their work, and a full appreciation of all who gather to share the messages. If […]

Helped Me to Shift to New Perspectives

I have been attending circles with Lucy and Michael for a couple of years now.  The circle they create is a safe and sacred space where, as Jean Shinoda Bolen states in her book The Millionth Circle, “its members are witnesses, role models and soul connections for each other.  Providers of intangible spiritual and psychological […]

I Grow Into a Higher Vibration

I have known Lucy for several years and appreciate her extensive knowledge and her passion for sharing that knowledge.  I love Lucy’s healing treatments but healing is not the correct word for me.  It is more of a growing treatment.  I feel I grow into a higher vibration physically, spiritually, and mentally during the session; […]