I Grow Into a Higher Vibration

I have known Lucy for several years and appreciate her extensive knowledge and her passion for sharing that knowledge.  I love Lucy’s healing treatments but healing is not the correct word for me.  It is more of a growing treatment.  I feel I grow into a higher vibration physically, spiritually, and mentally during the session; […]

Heal On All Levels

Lucy Lucia is a very wise, gifted and compassionate spiritual healer. Her in-depth knowledge of sacred geometry and multi-dimensional healing modalities enables Lucy to transcend time and space and heal on all levels of one’s being and timeline. Her loving touch feels like a warm  embrace which allows one to realize the Divine Essence of […]

Forever Changed My Life

Our session forever changed my life.  That session for me was priceless in that it answered so many of my questions. You have a divine connection to all that is that transcends words. In your sessions, the love and knowledge that you have is ever-present and so nurturing, the depths of which defies description.  Every day […]

Talented and Intuitive – Truly Gifted Healer

I have had many healing sessions and attended multiple workshops offered by Lucy.  She is a wonderful, enthusiastic teacher who explains her topics in an organized and understandable format.  Her guided meditations always take me to higher dimensions and provide me with such peace.  As a talented intuitive, she is truly a gifted healer.  I […]

My Spirit Is Renewed

Over the last ten years, Lucy’s wise counsel, gifted hand, healing artistry, and gentle spirit have been a Blessing to me many times over.  When I say, “Work your magic, Lucy!” I know that amazing things are about to happen and a “tune-up” of the highest order is about to begin.  After a session with […]