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Sourceful Living

Empowering Life Through Love

…is about dissolving your obstacles to Love to allow you to embrace the abundance of your life in the most fun and joyful ways possible. It is about identifying and mastering the individual beliefs and practices which support loving yourself in your own special way. This will change how you see, create and live your life. At Sourceful Living, we offer different classes, exercises, meditations, programs, resources and references that you are free to select from which best match what your unique spirit is seeking. We are committed to raising consciousness, yours as well as ours, and as it evolves, so will our live programs which are dynamic, containing the most updated content we have to offer.

Through Sourceful Living, you will learn that Love is a multi-dimensional energy. It heals the physical and the non-physical. It transcends space-time. You will also begin to experience what it is like to love unconditionally from a unity consciousness that promotes peace and leads to joy. You will experience how letting go of judgments and old references of conditional and need based love will help overcome the barriers that have held you back from your joy.
Through the inner power of love, you can raise the awareness of yourself as a divine Creator being while at the same time revealing your connection to Source which has always been there for you. You have never been alone. You just have to access it.
Sourcefull Living is about seeing yourself as God sees you. It is about loving yourself as God loves you. It is about accepting the truth that you are a divine Creator of Life, created in the image and likeness of Creator God, simply being expressed in human form.
Through your conscious awareness of realizing who you truly are, you connect to your Divine Guidance, your Authentic Soul Self, from which essence you are empowered to consciously create and sustain the life of your dreams. This is the “Truth” that will set you free, free to be the Creator of your lIfe. And right now is literally the occasion of your lifetime.

Dear one, are you rising to the ‘occasion’ of your life or letting it pass you by? Are you resisting against the flow of Life or are you experiencing a joyful life?

At Sourceful Living, you will learn useful tools and techniques to become a masterful creator of your life such as learning how to teach your mind to choose more loving thoughts, eventually only thinking from the perspective of love. You will learn how to forgive the past in the present. You will learn to speak from the innergy of love. And eventually you will only allow the perspective of love to guide your actions.
As a beloved, unique Soul, you have been gifted with free will to choose how you will experience or actually create your own personal reality. But in this knowing, there is also the understanding that there is no free choice about being a Creator. It is only a question whether you are conscious of it or not. As such, you are responsible for how you experience your life. There is no choice in this. The only choice is how you create your experiences by choosing how you perceive the world around you. Your power as a sovereign divine being with the inalienable power of free will to create your own uniquely individual reality is greater than you imagine. Let us assist you in accessing it.

“Most do not realize that altering their relationship with themselves shifts their state of consciousness. In order to have a more expanded awareness of who your are, you must first cultivate a knowing of yourself that is not predicated on the opinions of others, or any defined image of yourself that is derived from your job, family or social state.”Archangel Ariel via Joan Walker (

We know that happiness and joy is your birthright. It is your true essence, your natural state of being. Learning how to love yourself is key to your happiness. Your happiness helps bring happiness to others. In fact, happiness is contagious. At Sourceful Living, our goal is to make happiness a global pandemic and joy the natural state of being for everyone.

Empower your life through the energy of love

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