Neale Donald Walsch

One of Neale’s latter books and less read, but very important is Home With God – In A Life That Never Ends. It explains in great detail the different stages of life: the before-life, the after-life and the between-life. It is very helpful in understanding the concept of the eternal nature of life and how […]

Michael Newton, PhD

For those that are seeking evidence of life after death and soul purpose, Michael’s book Journey of Souls is worth reading. As a counseling psychologist, master hypnotherapist and teacher, he discovered that under hypnosis, clients were able to tap into detailed filled memories from past lives of which they had no prior memories. The book […]

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Elisabeth’s ground breaking 1969 book, On Death and Dying, describes the grieving process people experience when dealing with the loss of a loved one. It has been the primer used by thousands of counselors to help millions of people cope with their emotional distress. The book can be found on Amazon.