Animal Speak

by Ted Andrews. Animal Speak provides techniques for recognizing and interpreting the signs and messages represented by different animals that you encounter in life. The book describes the spiritual significance of over a 100 different animals and insects. It has become a classic reference for anyone wishing to develop a spiritual connection with the animal kingdom.

Love is in the Earth

by Melody. This book is an established reference book for the metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom as interpreted by its author Melody. For those that are attracted to the energy vibrations of crystals, this book is a must have as a go-to reference that contains detailed information on the healing properties of hundreds of different minerals and crystals.

The Subtle Body – Encyclopedia of Energetic Anatomy

By Cyndi Dale, this is a detailed reference for those who want to understand the energetic anatomy of the human body. It features many illustrations and explanations of the body’s energy systems covering their functions and properties. It contains information on both the physical and non-physical aspects of energy anatomy.


by the Urantia Foundation. This is a very extensive book that answers age-old questions such as the nature of God and the infinite universe. Its origin is unknown though it is believed to have been provided from the celestial realm. It is organized into in three main sections: God and Universe Destiny, The History of Earth and the Life of Jesus. Urantia is the name given to Earth in the spiritual realm. The first two sections contain many complex concepts that build upon prior concepts. Parts can be intellectually challenging at times and require extensive concentration for full comprehension. It is not for everyone. The section on the Life of Jesus is easier to read and is believed to be channeled information from Melchizedek. It is probably the most extensive work available on Jesus’s life on Earth and his profound wisdom and teachings, from his birth to his death and resurrection.

Way of Mastery

by the Shanti Christo Foundation. This is an incredible book that is worthy of in depth reflection and study over a lifetime. It contains channeled information on the transformational teachings of Jeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) presented in 35 lessons that are a pathway to forgiveness, healing, self-love and the acceptance of what is. It is about achieving Christ consciousness, which Jesus explains is available to everyone. It is a must read for those who are ready to get serious about the ascension process to raise their consciousness and connect with the Divine.