Carolyn Myss

Author and lecturer, Carolyn is known for her work with karmic archetypes helping to understand life patterns of perceptions and behaviors that physical science cannot explain. Have you ever pondered why different people react differently to similar events? In her books, Anatomy of Spirit and Sacred Contracts, she explains soul contracts made before birth and different spiritual archetypes. She gives examples how they can be a subconscious driver to many of life’s challenges and path to increasing awareness.

Doreen Virtue, PhD

Doreen is a psychologist who works with the angelic and elemental realms. As an internationally recognized clairvoyant known for channeling messages from angels, she has written many books including Messages From Your Angels and Healing With The Angels. In addition to her speaking engagements and books, she offers CD’s, angel cards and classes.

Dr. David Hawkins, MD, PhD

Dr. Hawkins is an incredibly brilliant individual who built a hugely successful medical psychiatry practice. Along the way he helped revolutionize the field of psychiatry before devoting his efforts to raising human consciousness. He has lectured all over the world. His landmark book Power vs. Force has been translated into more than 17 languages. It and his subsequent books develop concepts about the difference between physical force and divine power, between love and egoic fear. He generated a scale to measure Consciousness to help people better understand emotions and the ultimate power of love available through the alignment with the Higher Self and Creator God. Considered an avatar by many during his late stages of life, his wisdom in understanding the paradoxes of life and the Divine are truly enlightening. We would like to suggest that if you have 10 minutes, to listen to this Youtube audio clip of Dr. David Hawkins talking about what love is. It quickly covers a lot of profound concepts in a few minutes:

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart wrote The Power of Now which deals with understanding how living either in the past or future creates stress and suffering in life. In his unique way with great clarity, he shares his personal journey and his new found wisdom in explaining the power of living in the present moment. In another book, A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, he examines humanity’s struggles created from following the egoic mind and how to find peace and love by tapping into and following your higher Self. In addition to writing and speaking, he also offers a variety of programs and CD recordings.

Lynne Twist

Much personal stress and global conflict is centered around money. In her book Soul of Money, Lynn does a great job helping the reader understand the vibrational energy behind money which will change how you think about it. In her own unique way, she gently awakens people to the unacknowledged culture of excessive materialism that dominates most developed countries and the suffering it creates around the world. Lynn also devotes much of her time to environmental sustainability and social justice issues.

Miguel Ruiz

Miguel is the author of The Four Agreements, an international best seller for more than eight years. The book discusses four simple, but profound keys to living a more joyful life by removing limiting beliefs. Miguel, who was once a practicing medical doctor, has dedicated his life to sharing his message which is a combination of ancient wisdom and modern insights. Some of his other books include The Mastery of Love and The Fifth Agreement.

Neale Donald Walsh

Neale is a best-selling, prolific writer famous for his Conversation with God book series. His books are written in an easy to follow format as he asks tough questions and gets answers from Divine Wisdom. The books provide food for thought with the ultimate goal of raising human consciousness. The books deal with an incredible variety of subjects but Book One basically deals with questions about Life and God. Book Two expands upon concepts in Book One as well as human sexuality and social issues. Book Three continues the discussion and includes thoughts about more advanced life forms and societies. Other major books include Friendship with God, Communion with God and New Revelations. New Revelations is a powerful book that lays out how humanity’s problems truly lie at the level of belief. In addition to his books, Neale continues to offer programs and speaks at various events around the world.

Stevan Thayer and Linda Nathanson, Phd

Together Stevan and Linda wrote the book Interview with an Angel. In the book, Linda channels answers to Stevan’s questions from the angel Ariel. The subjects covered are from a wide variety such as if heaven and hell exists, marriage and divorce, do animals have souls and past lives – providing answers from a higher consciousness. Linda has now passed, but the book can still be purchased on Amazon