The Power of Self-Love

Yes it all begins with loving yourself. You cannot fully experience your joy or the “real” abundance of your life without loving it first. For how can you experience the joy of something if you do not like it? In today’s world, it is seems to be the exception rather than the norm to find someone who is truly happy with their life, and joy is so much more than that. Often if you look deep inside, you might find feelings such as regret for choices made or not made, anger from how others treated you, or guilt from supposed “mistakes” that you made. These can hold you back from truly loving your Self. Through Self-Love you become free of these… free to have fun with life and to truly love others. You can allow yourself to form relationships at deeper levels of authenticity, trust and sincerity that we all desire, beginning with yourself.

beyoutifulYet Self-Love often means different things to different people. At Sourceful Living we are not talking about selfishness that puts yourself above others and leads to sociopathic behaviors. Nor are we talking about the kind of self-love that leads to narcissism and arrogance. Selfishness seeks satisfaction from the external world, or from the outside in. The concept of Self-Love we are offering is about love coming from the inside out. It does not depend upon the outside world, nor does it involve feeding your ego, but it has everything to do with your higher SELF or your Soul.
Sourceful Living is learning to SELF-LOVE, or understanding it fully, it is learning to listen and follow the song of your own Soul. By doing so, you can shift old habitual patterns that have held you back from your joy, and begin living the supposedly unattainable “perfect” life, as only you as a unique individual can do. Aligning with your Soul builds confidence, certainty, capability and clarity – clarity that we often pray for when facing life’s difficult decisions and challenges. It is your Soul’s inner wisdom that helps guide you and establishes healthy boundaries such as knowing when to say yes and when to say no, while breaking down barriers that hold you back. It is a Love that builds faith, fearlessness, trust, inspiration, passion and gratitude. And finally, it is about learning not to take your life so seriously, to lighten-up and have fun, becoming playful like a child.

“It is a heart centered Self-Love that cultivates compassion, forgiveness and expands understanding.”

iheartmeOften it is found in forgiving ourselves empowered by the energy of love. Through the Love of Self, we recognize the divinity within ourselves and each other as a fractal part of All That Is – the Universal Mind, First Cause, God or any other term you would assign to the ultimate Creator, the Source of All, Life and Energy.
Can you imagine a life where loving yourself is the Source Energy of your desires and everything you create? Do you desire to create a life where all things and all experiences flow from love? Not love from the outside in, but love from the inside out. Love of work, love of play, love of others, love of everything you do and encounter in your life. You are always connected to The SOURCE of your life and from that you have the power to consciously create the experiences you desire from everything the Universe offers you. In fact you are the vibrating energy of love, literally. By re-membering this, you will become a light to others letting your Soul light shine through in just how you live your life, and through this, we can change the world together.
What the world needs now is simply what it has always needed – LOVE, and to provide it, you begin with loving yourself first so you can truly love others without needing them to do, say or be anything other than who they are.