About Humanity

  • We believe that humanity and planet earth are only at the beginning stages of creating lasting peace, love and joy that is available to everyone.
  • We believe that the human race has far too long focused on changing the world from the outside in, hence history has a pattern of repeating itself.
  • We believe that to implement lasting change in the world, the change must come from the inside out.
  • We believe that the human race is now engaged in an accelerating evolutionary process of waking up which is the path of going from being unaware to becoming aware that we have the power to create our lives and the world as we so desire.
  • We believe that humanity has all the wisdom and power it needs to heal the world. It only needs to access it and heed it.
  • We believe that all problems, whether uniquely individual or global conflicts, involve at some level a spiritual solution that will only be solved through the energy of love.
  • We believe to create a permanent uplifting of the world to a more joyful and peaceful existence, it happens one person at a time beginning with ourselves.