Heaven On Earth

Sourceful Living

This program provides a broad overview on ways to align with Source Energy to live a more joyful life.  We include material on the topics of Self-Love, Unconditional Love, Energy Hygiene and Releasing Judgments.   Participants will take away a better understanding and appreciation for the creative and clearing processes which may be used in daily life to attract more abundance and experience greater joy.  In addition to informative content, we use exercises and/or meditations for experiential learning.  Due to limited time, this program does not include all of the in depth information, exercises and/or meditations that can be experienced in the other individual programs.

Topics to be explored depending upon program length include:

  • What is Joy
  • What is Abundance
  • The New Measure of Success
  • The Essential Nature of Self-Love
  • What is Unconditional Divine Love
  • The Healing Energy of Love
  • Living, Breathing, Thinking, Creating from Love
  • The Science of Energy
  • Exploring Consciousness
  • The Energy of Your Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Words and Actions
  • The Basics of Energy Hygiene
  • The Value of Keeping Your Energy Clear
  • The Importance of Forgiveness and Releasing Judgments
  • The Importance of Discernment: Judgments vs. Observations
  • How to Identify Judgments – Self Assessment
  • How to Release Your Judgments
  • Your Powers of Creation – The Law of Attraction
  • Developing Practices To Nurture Your Connection to Source
  • Discovering Your Authentic Self
  • Following Your Inner Guidance
  • Creating Your New Reality by Shifting Perspectives
  • Living in Unity Consciousness with Love, Joy and Gratitude
  • Sustaining Mindfulness
  • Your Reality is Your Responsibility
  • The Importance of Your Intention and Attention
  • Living a Judgment Free Life – The Art of Allowing
  • How Changing Your Life Changes the World
  • Anchoring New Awareness’s and Expanding Your Connection to Source

We are willing to work with local hosts to design any program around these themes to better suite your group’s unique needs and desires. Please feel free to contact us. We also offer 60 to 90 minute introductory presentations on each program.