Finally Free

Releasing Judgment Once and For All

This program focuses on identifying and removing judgments that are obstacles to Self-Love.  Judgments create energetic resistance to the flow of Love in our lives.  Often they can be hidden in our conscious and unconscious minds.  It requires new perspectives and awarenesses to reveal them.  The importance of forgiveness, beginning with ourselves, will be emphasized.  Various clearing methods involving exercises and/or meditations will be used during this program to help free our resistance to the energetic flow of Love and expand our connection to Source.

Topics to be explored depending upon program length include:

  • What Are Judgments
  • The Importance of Discernment: Judgments vs. Observations
  • The Energy and Biology of Judgments
  • How Judgments Restrict Your Flow of Love
  • The Role of The Ego
  • The Relationship of Fear and Judgments
  • How to Identify Judgments – Self Assessment
  • Recognizing Different Types of Judgments
  • What Creates Resistance to Releasing
  • What is Right and Wrong
  • Forgiveness and Self-Love
  • Forgiving Others
  • Forgiving vs. Condoning
  • Methods to Forgive
  • Tools for Releasing Judgments
  • Releasing Without Trauma
  • Your Reality is Your Responsibility
  • The Importance of Your Intention and Attention
  • Living a Judgment Free Life – The Art of Allowing
  • Anchoring New Awarenesses and Expanding Your Connection to Source

We are willing to work with local hosts to design any program around these themes to better suite your group’s unique needs and desires. Please feel free to contact us. We also offer 60 to 90 minute introductory presentations on each program.