Clear, Clean and Renewable

Energy Hygiene and Management

This program builds upon the fundamental understanding that EVERYTHING is energy from our physical anatomy to our thoughts to our entire world, and beyond.  We discuss the energy of light and love and how to consciously manage the flow of energy within and around us.  The program includes an in depth, metaphysical review of the dynamic, human energy systems and how they interrelate with the world.  Attendees will take away a greater understanding of the world as energy, an appreciation and awareness of their energy systems, and tools to manage them.  In addition to informative presentations, exercises and/or meditations are used for experiential learning.

Topics to be explored depending upon program length include:

  • Why Your Energy Hygiene Is Important
  • You As An Energetic, Spiritual Being
  • The Scientific World of Energy
  • Creation as Energy in Motion
  • Beyond the Physical Dimension
  • Understanding Consciousness
  • The Hawkins Scale of Consciousness
  • Grappling with the mysteries of Creation, Creator and the Creative Process
  • The Energy of Love
  • The Energy of Thoughts, Beliefs and Emotions
  • Layers of the Human Energy Field – Mental, Emotional and Spiritual
  • The Old 3D and the New 5D Chakra System
  • The Development of the Light Body – Carbon to Crystalline
  • The Meta-Physics of Physical Anatomy
  • The Origins of Dis- Ease
  • Love – The Ultimate Healing Vibration
  • Different Methods and Daily Practices To Clear and Restore Your Energy
  • Getting Out of Your “Mind” to Feel Subtle Energy
  • The Importance of Grounding
  • What is an Energy Cord
  • The Importance of Cutting Cords
  • How, Where and When to Clear
  • Your Powers of Creation – Law of Attraction
  • Your Responsibility as a Creative Energy Being

We are willing to work with local hosts to design any program around these themes to better suite your group’s unique needs and desires. Please feel free to contact us. We also offer 60 to 90 minute introductory presentations on each program.