Inspiring Mastery

The Ascension Breath

Breathing is Life.  Life and Divine Creator are inseparable.  Learn how to deepen the connection between the two through the Ascension Breath.  For those that have a desire to ascend to elevated states of Love and want to maintain unity consciousness in their daily Life, Ascension Breathing is one of the best ways to get you there.   Everyone breathes, all the time.  Our breath unites us.

In the new world of elevated consciousness living, breathing is more that an unconscious process necessary for life, for survival is not something in doubt.  Love of Life becomes both the conscious and subconscious intention for breathing.  It becomes the power generator for living a joy filled Life.  It serves as a barometer as to our state of consciousness.  It becomes our way of saying Yes to Life!

Learn more about the Ascension Breath at the Global Breath Institute.  It is the work of two world-class meta-physical Master Healers – Dave and Pat Krajovic who have brought together the knowledge from lifetimes of energy healing experience to develop the Ascension Breath.  At Sourceful Living, thanks to the cooperation of Dave and Pat, we are able to incorporate an introduction to Ascension Breath into our two day programs.  We also offer a multi-day intensive in partnership with the Global Breath Institute where the Breath is a significant part of a more comprehensive program for deeper experiences.

We are willing to work with local hosts to design any program around these themes to better suite your group’s unique needs and desires. Please feel free to contact us. We also offer 60 to 90 minute introductory presentations on each program.